● Conversation with the parents of child labourers

If you know of any parent forcing his/her child into child labour in your vicinity, talk to him/her and inform about how child labour can jeopardize their child’s future. Explain the consequences of child labour on the overall development of the child. While talking to them, emphasize how education and skill development can safeguard their child’s future.

● Partnering with a movement/organization

To prevent child labour, you can associate with an NGO or an organization working in this field. You can volunteer with them and be a part of their outreach and awareness activities. Supporting them generously by contributing to their cause is also a great idea.

● Enroll more children in school

You can create an environment that fosters learning for street children, in your neighborhood. Raising funds to establish libraries and common learning centres in your locality can help vulnerable children to learn and educate themselves. You can also assist the parents in enrolling their children in school.

● Conscientious voter

During legislative elections, support candidates whose agenda includes the prevention of child labour. If it does not feature in their agenda, then talk about it in the open forums and discussion platforms. You can spread awareness among other voters as well.

● Connect with local leaders

Engage with local leaders and lawmakers and request them to undertake initiatives to prevent child labour. You can write to them to adopt humane and sustainable practices to ensure that rescued children are rehabilitated.