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Fundamental agenda of International human rights revolves around protection and promotion.

Knowledge with awareness

The new world order presents a challenge to the agenda of human rights in terms of managing the transition. Generations lead the world with new priorities unique to their needs and environments. Generations co-exit. Generations support each other and contend for existence. Human rights are about establishing fundamental rules of existence in continual harmony and sustainable growth.

IHRC (Inter National Human Right Council) is established to ensure the protection & promotion of Human Rights for all and to assist masses especially the under privileged class through provisions made under the guidelines of Indian Constitution and International Law and United Nation Universal Declaration. The focus shall remain on Women, Children, Labour force, disabled and the Weaker Sections of the Society.

This Association, under the leadership of Main Body of IHRC, ensures awareness of tenets of human rights, access to Justice for all without discrimination of Caste, Colour, Creed, Sex, Region, Religion, Social-Economic Discrimination and Physical Disability.


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